Since the launch of our five-year sustainability strategy How We Tread Right (HWTR), established in September 2020 by our parent company The Travel Corporation (TTC), we have made strides towards our target of delivering enriching travel experiences that are environmentally conscious and protective.

TTC’s latest Impact Report updates on our performance against the 11 sustainability goals, anchored in the United Nations Global Goals, which demonstrate the impact that we are proud to be making across our 19 properties. To focus our sustainable initiatives, our Impact Report covers 4 key areas – Planet, People, Wildlife and Wildlife – which encompass the 11 HWTR goals.


In 2022, TTC took a pioneering step as the first tour operator to establish a Carbon Fund. This industry-leading fund was designed to facilitate investments in green technologies selected for their potential to decarbonise the business. The fund's introduction coincided with TTC becoming the first global tour operator to have its near-term, long-term, and net zero targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. Progress has been made in TTC's decarbonisation efforts, with the company working towards sourcing 50% of its electricity from renewable sources and reducing food waste by 50% by 2025.

In 2022, the implementation of food waste technologies at 20 additional Red Carnation Hotels reduced food waste by 36% at 13 properties through the food waste management system Winnow. Furthermore, in 2022, 58% of electricity from Red Carnation Hotels came from properties renewable sources and Xigera generated 683,606 kwh of renewable electricity.


TTC prioritised the well-being of people through various initiatives and partnerships in 2022 and continues to do so in 2023. Red Carnation Hotels is proud to offer a variety of MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® (MTM) Experience, providing travellers with meaningful and impactful opportunities to include sustainability as a conscious decision when travelling. The Egerton House Hotel has recently launched its newest MTM experience, 'Dining at the Clink'; The Clink demonstrates what can be achieved when society collectively engages to help those who want and deserve a second chance. Across their three restaurants, they have trained over 500 people. 70% of all Clink graduates released in 2022 successfully moved into employment following their release from prison, compared with just 17% of the general prison population.

At The Rubens Hotel at the Palace, you can create a plant-based menu at Borough Market as a MTM experience, where guests will meet the Executive Head Chef at the Rubens, Ben Kelliher, who will talk about the sustainable and responsible consumption of food, explaining how we work closely with the very best local and responsible suppliers. Following this, guests will then visit Borough Market together, a historic market dating back to the 12th century with an emphasis on high-quality food and sustainable production. 

Learn more about our Make Travel Matter initiative


Our dedication to uplifting both the social and eco environments in which we exist points to our continued success in meeting goals seven and eight in the HWTR strategy. Our focus on conservation initiatives also supports our success in the wildlife pillar of TreadRight’s campaign, this includes ensuring 100% compliance with TTC's Animal Welfare policy across all itineraries.

In addition to driving impact through the 11 measurable goals featured in its strategy, How We Tread Right, TTC and its family of brands also work to protect our planet, its people and wildlife, through its non-profit TreadRight Foundation. In 2022, TreadRight funded nature-based solutions GreenWave and Project Vesta for the second consecutive year, in addition to community development and wildlife conservation initiatives such as Rainbow Railroad, the Tourism Pathways Project, Lakota Youth Development, Wilderness Foundation Africa, and Wild Entrust.


To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, TTC has established five global partnerships, widening its hiring pool to include traditionally underrepresented individuals. Additionally, six of its brands have focused on Pride and Women-only itineraries, creating more inclusive travel experiences. In South Africa, Red Carnation Hotels continues to successfully partner with multiple schools and colleges to give students practical hospitality experience and encourage permanent employment from underrepresented communities. The Army Foundation Workplace programme supports students in the most poverty stricken areas in the greater Western Cape to support them finding permanent employment. 

Shannon Guihan, The Travel Corporation's Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of TreadRight, expressed immense pride in the impact achieved in 2022 while acknowledging the work that lies ahead. Guihan highlighted the significance of TTC's Carbon Fund, which moves beyond mere goal-setting to illustrate the company's concrete plans for transitioning to a sustainable future.