Multi coloured balloon, framed by autumnal trees against a blue sky

A whole new perspective

Soar into the skies and extend your views to the horizon.


A balloon flight is a form of flying like no other. You can see in 360 degrees for miles on end, and your flight feels absolutely uninhibited and free. As the landscape shrinks into miniature, a model world appears below and familiar landmarks take on new perspectives.

Whether you are close to the ground viewing the fascinating wildlife, up amongst the clouds marvelling at their powdery appearance, or peering down at dramatic cliffs, rolling hills, and toybox towns, you will be intrigued by this aerial mystery tour.

We have partnered with Flyaway Ballooning who have numerous locations in the South West, including right here in Dorset at Summer Lodge. Fly Away Ballooning was founded by a third-generation balloon pilot Hugo Hall. Hugo’s grandmother Lady Gwen Bellew was a ballooning pioneer and an important figure in introducing Hot Air Ballooning to the United Kingdom. Hugo has followed in his family's footsteps and has flown all over the world in far-flung locations such as the mountains of North East India, The Outback and over the rice fields of Chiang Mai.

Flight details

Please keep in mind that ballooning is weather dependant. Flyaway have a weather calendar and only accept bookings on days that the weather is predicted to be suitable.

Once your booking is confirmed, your time of flight will be confirmed from Summer Lodge. Or if you are flying from a different location, you will be transported to the hotel after your flight.

Prices: For two people, £700, £800 for four people, £850 for six people. You will have the balloon to yourself.

Booking: To check availability and for more information please call Hugo on 07845 718 040 or email him below. Guests need to book directly with Hugo and not the hotel.

A full refund, voucher extension or change of location can be offered on all bookings.